Tips & Tricks... for the SpokeLight

Here you find tips and tricks all about the SpokeLight.

Easy installation within 10-15 minutes

  • 1. Battery case

    The first step to install your SpokeLight is to fasten the battery case with the 2 cable ties that are included with the SpokeLights, at the spokes. Try to fasten it as close as you can get it towards the wheel hub. You should always fasten the battery case with two cable ties either on it's end or diagonally, depending on the distance between the spokes of your bike. Depending on the size of your wheel you wrap the feed wire tight around the spoke towards the rim multiple times or you leave more space in between. The goal is to have 2-3 cm feed wire left at the rim.

  • 2. Installing the SpokeLight

    Try now to wrap the silverwire around the spokes as close as possible towards the rim, that way you get the best circle of light. It's important that you always put the long end of the silver wire (that you continue wrapping) on under the other end of the wire to avoid the wire slipping towards the wheel hub.

    Before mounting please roll out the whole wire with LEDs. Switch on the SpokeLight to mount the LEDs in the right place. Make sure that there are no loops in the silverwire.

    Important: The LED's cannot be placed directly on the spoke, because that can cause damage to the wire. So it might be necessary to wrap the wire twice or three times around the spoke.


  • Protection of the SpokeLights:

    Tipp Speichenlicht Felge
    To protect the LEDs and the silver wire when you lock your bike, you should install reflectors between the spokes. That ensures you a safety space between your lock and the SpokeLights.

  • Secure the SpokeLights:

    Tipp Speichenlicht Felge
    To prevent the SpokeLights sliding towards the wheel hub (which can happen when the wire isn't fastened tight enough) we recommend spoke reflectors.

  • Battery changing:

    Remove the cable ties and unwrap the battery case 3-5 times in the opposite direction that the wire is wrapped around the spoke. Then you can change the batteries and wrap the feed wire back around the spoke.

    Takes less than 10 minutes!